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Topic: NPC Camouflage Mod

OK, this may sound weird and it's just a random thought...

How about a mod (headslot) that sends out signal that your bot is an NPC. Other NPCs would not fire upon you (unless you aggress) so you could travel and navigate without worry if all your intention is to navigate.

Going further, perhaps Players would see you as NPC as well, from a distance until they get closer. Perhaps trick turrets and beacons too. This could be kinda cool way for infiltrating enemy territory and spying from pack of NPC and roaming spawns. And obviously, people would know if some NPC was acting kinda suspicious, so it's not nearly as powerful as something like a cloak.

Just a thought. Go ahead and tear it down or ignore as terrible.

Miner One: "Hey guys, this new liquid epriton is juicey"
Miner Two: "Yeah I love it. Just keep eyes out for any roaming spawns."
Miner One: "What about pirates and those CIR meanies?"
Miner Three: "Hah, they'll never get past our beacon network!"
Miner Two: "Here comes a roaming spawn, but it looks like we're well out of it's path. I feel so safe. Let's keep mining."
Miner One: "Wait a second, those NPCs look kinda suspicious. And they've turned into our direction ...wtf"
Miner Three: "That's no roaming spawn. OMG run, log, hide, noooooo...

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Re: NPC Camouflage Mod

its not weird - if i remember correctly, even the DEVs had planned something similar during beta, before masking

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