Topic: Downgrade tokens.

Here's an idea -  How about letting us purchase downgrade tokens after the initial period is over. 

For an added money maker -  How about selling two types -a regular downgrade token, and one that allows downgrades for skills above level 7?

Re: Downgrade tokens.

Sell, as in RMT?

Because EP/Extension choices are very important to performance, how would this not be P2Win?

What I mean, is currently if you want to get Adv Robot 10, you have to 'save' enough EP to do so. During that period your saving EP, other players can advance to level adv robot 7, leaving only a small gap in performace.

With tokens, you can freely spend 100% of your EP, then pay to down-grade as many extension points as needed to pay for lvl 9 to 10 immediately.

Not to say that wouldn't be expenisve, but that's the way P2Win works, the player with disposable income would be able to operate their agents at 100% applied EP, which, when level 10 extensions can cost 45 days of EP, is a significant advantage.

Re: Downgrade tokens.

Purchasing EP for a single account would be play-to-win. It's only arguable that paying to utilize EP efficiently is pay-to-win.

More arguable is to say that buying multiple accounts to accelerate EP gain is play-to-win. I think we have all heard the arguments on that. Let's not revisit.

I kinda like the OPs idea.

Also related... since we have so much damn EP on the test server why not allow us to downgrade there. I only need to boost skills to test something specific. I'd rather be able to keep my Test server EP the same as Live EP most of the time.

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