Topic: Investment quaestion.

Hi guys!

I have a strange question:
I want to invest for somebody who will be pay out for me. I give him to NIC and he will send me back NIC in week or something.

I asked that in corp and they think that is impossible, I need to ask why is impossible?

I meant I will give you 100 millio NIC and you will give me to 5 millio NIC per weak.

If somebody interested find me ingame.

I did that 1 time, with 10 millio NIC I lost all of my NIC. So I would like to see known member.

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Re: Investment quaestion.

Don't do it.

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Re: Investment quaestion.

It's not impossible and I'd be happy to do it, its just a bad idea. Not worth the risk for the return.

Re: Investment quaestion.

There's a couple of bonds opened up previously which seemed to complete to everyone's satisfaction.

You bring up an interesting proposal though, which is a bond market to put buyers and sellers together. What I mean is that typically the bond seller will advertise and then players like yourself will invest in them with a certain risk.

The current challenge to this is the reduced open market activity. Typically a producer will create a bond to boost resources in order to produce product that is beyond thier current means. For example, it costs about 18M NIC in mats to build a Lithus, but you first need to spend 25-20M NIC to buy and RE one, as well as it taking almost a week for a run of 10. So a manufactor will put out a 200M NIC bond, then 2-3 weeks later after building and selling the batch for 25-30M each, have 250-300M NIC. They pay back 10%, 220M NIC, and have a nice 30-80M NIC profit.

However, now it's unlikely you'll sell 10 units in 3 weeks at that price. There are many producers now that can easily afford large runs of heavy mechs without needing bonds, so they can and will price agressively. And simply the market for selling bots is much smaller now which simply makes it unprofitable to build with bonds.

I can however see bonds being important again once there are things to build that are very expensive again (in relation to the amount of NIC/Materials in the game).

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Re: Investment quaestion.

Thank you guys!

Seems like in Perpetuum that is dosent work.

:S I just didnt want to do any market things, maybe after I will need to do :S
And I never have money also so I thinking about any solution.

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Re: Investment quaestion.

Send me any amount and I'll give you twice so much back!

Re: Investment quaestion.

this is going to end well

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Re: Investment quaestion.

This would be possible with a healthy amount of players and an active market. You still have to make sure you trust that person with your money and get a detailed plan of action for your investment. Like how is he/she going to make a profit with your money. If its just wanted NIC to buy himself a heavy mech for farming that's not a good idea. What would happen if he lost it?

Anyways right now it would not be a good investment due to low market activity.


Re: Investment quaestion.

Those players with well reputation and long play time have no need for this invest in normal case.
For those newcomers who would really benefit you have no guarantee that they still play in a month.

As a corp leader of more communistic orientated corps I was used to "invest" in new players. And I had enough cases where new players vanished after 3-6 weeks without further notice.  That is more common that having new players say definitive good bye or playing still after 3 month.