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Re: WTS: 30 day timecode 350 million

Mark Zima wrote:

Wow, RMT is allowed now. This is a road of no return.

The road of no return?  You mean the road to keeping players on board?  The road to helping stimulate the market?  The road to promote commerce between waring corps?  The road to closing the gap of transfering money from veteran players to Newer players?  Ask any new corp how awesome those first 4 weeks of solid grinding to get production up and running on its feet, to watch players trickle out slowly because they feel they can not compete with veteran players.

This is a question I want each of you to ask yourself.  How many people who are gamers are on fixed budgets, or unemployeed, or with $7 a gallon gas prices feeling their gaming budgets slowly disappearing?  I am willing to bet there a quite a few subs that slip by the wayside why?  Because some people would rather buy food then spend $10 a month on a game.  I know the next thing, why have internet if you can't afford $10 sub.  Well high speed internet by itself is cheap in the states.  Look how popular Free to play is becomming.  Like it or not it is inevitable.  Monthly sub based games are dissappearing.

I don't want to see RMTs, I want active players.  I want to bring up the *** market and see items on it.  I want people to have access to T1 and T2 and T3 and T4 on the whim.  Why don't you see that now?  Theres Nothing to play foir after you accumulated $10 billion in assests and finish out research and become a huge trader in the market.

What do you think will happen to this Game if Lucuis Marcellus walked away from this game right now?  The entire market would collapse.  Mark those words.

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Re: WTS: 30 day timecode 350 million

Cobalt wrote:

Introducing that would have a negative effect on the long term.  Peoples that simply think plex= more players... need to think more. And really, if that happens, and i have to play surrounded by chinese (or whatever nationality btw) farmers and full of bots...  farewell then.

With or without Plex if a company takes no actions against botters you will have this problem.

Plex helps mitigate this to a certain extent (less money going to chinafarmers) meaning LESS chinafarm botters.

Looking forward to new players and new conflicts.

Re: WTS: 30 day timecode 350 million

And bottom line is at this stage of the game anything that makes old players stay and gets new players has got to be good.

Re: WTS: 30 day timecode 350 million

At the moment this is not supported in Perpetuum. The main reasons being there is no safe platform for trading, and we have not studied the impact it would have on the economy.

We will revisit this issue in the future, for now, while we don't actively track where game codes are going, we will not assist in any scam related losses either. Advertisement of such services on in game and on our boards is also not allowed.