Topic: Tutorial mission bugged?

A trialplayer has issues with the "combat" section of the new tutorial.
I haven't tried the tutorial myself but apparently he can't reach the next step after firing the practice targets.

His words:
"The combat part of it goes nowhere after we learn how to find and engage the practice target

at least it should say "completed"  then move to the next step , it does not"

Has anybody tried the new tutorial or do we have a lot of trialagents getting stuck? wink

Re: Tutorial mission bugged?

The "rookie" tutorial (not to be confused with the new tutorial assignment line) hasn't changed since ages.
I just tried it, and after you shoot the practice target and reload your weapon like you're told, it says that the combat tutorial is complete and you can jump back to the navigation tutorial or continue with the mining or terminal tutorial.

Re: Tutorial mission bugged?

DEV Zoom wrote:

(not to be confused with the new tutorial assignment line).

Why do we keep calling them tutorial assignments, its quite clear they are called 'training assignments'. This will avoid any confusion.

To learn the very basics : The tutorial

For more experience and advancement: Training assignments/missions