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This must be a bug the walls i bought said they were persistent

I would like all of the NIC returned from the recent wall testing that was done. I say testing because when the walls were deployed they were advertised as permanent features that we as players could purchase and deploy out to the terrain. Now they are not permanent or persistent as they will destroy themselves after a short period of time. I can assure you if the “Defensive Wall Unit” was released as not persistent then I would have not purchased a single one as there would be no point in deploying them. I have spent hours upon hours designing and deploying these items, hours that are now gone because of the changes made to make these items degrade.   

And I quote

Defensive walls===
The first herald of persistent player-built structures is here! Defensive wall units can be deployed from your cargo onto the ground (beta islands only), and with time they will grow into full-fledged sturdy walls, mainly used for territorial defense.

A special wall compiler module is also available, to speed up the relatively slow "natural" growth of walls - if you have the NIC to spend on the required charges. There are some special rules for building walls too: 1 wall unit can have up to 3 neighbouring walls (diagonal doesn't count), and an area of 21 by 21 tiles can only contain a maximum of 95 wall units. Ah, the mysteries of Hungarian maths. 

I ask and urge you to refund all purchases made for:

Defensive Wall Unit
Wall Compiler Charges
Standard wall compiler module

As it stands without refunding the NIC spent on these items you are essentially deleting my NIC from the game without me even having a choice about it.

If I had the choice to deploy walls knowing they would degrade overtime then I would not have anything to complain about. But you told me at the time of purchase [one week ago] these items would last FOREVER unless destroyed by another player.

I can deal with people shooting and bombing my walls that’s expected. I can deal with the change. I cannot deal with and will not deal with being misled and tricked by developers.

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Ok I see your concern, but stop spamming the forums dude.


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Yea, I have to agree, 3 threads now man.  Nothing personal against you Tux, but 3 (and I haven't even visited all the forums yet) is just too much.

I do see some of your concern, but this game has rightly or wrongly been filled with stuff like this.  You spend mass EP for OP troijir MK2 bot, then nerf.  You spend EP for recycling, then nerf.

THis is par for the course like I said, rightly or wrongly.

Walls are NOT something I find beneficial to the long term success of this game at THIS point in its life.

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Tux, if you want to be heard please keep everything to a single thread else it's impossible to follow.

Before demanding your money back I think we should first find out if the walls are broken or not. NIC is hardly important whether you spent 1 billion or 100 billion. It's all fake money.

First things firsts, walls are plants. Walls probably NOT intended to die like plants. Walls MAY be designed to slowly lose health over time while also growing (And increasing their health). This could mean that final stage walls require a weekly maintenance to keep them above 50% health however I find this very UNLIKELY.

Secondly, the devs have done this before and can do it again. They can remove every wall unit from the game, refund them, roll back the terrain layers (Possibly very hard) and be back to where we started. They can then patch the wall death bug and this issue goes away and walls are back to being spammy, annoying and filling the sandbox with poopy sand rather than pure sand.

Finally, if this IS an intended feature it was not documented correctly and refund should be given to any deployed walls and the feature continued and maintained. It's really not hard. Please try to keep a level head. It's pixels and the devs are hugely reasonable and intelligent people. Well.. Mostly.. anyway..



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