Topic: Payment via Moneybookers now available

We would like to announce that beside PayPal it is now also possible to buy Perpetuum game codes through Moneybookers.

Hopefully this second option should provide a viable alternative to those who couldn't use PayPal for various reasons.

If you'd like to subscribe via Moneybookers, simply select it as a payment provider in the store and proceed to their payment site.

Re: Payment via Moneybookers now available

My advice is NOT to use Moneybookers.

The money gets debited from my account instantly, then I receieve a message from them to say it will be 2 - 5 WORKING days before it is credited to my Moneybookers account and available for use.  I checked with my bank and they have confirmed it is already in Mooneybooker's account hmm

Normally 2 days before a sub runs out is called planning....

I am guessing there is no grace time from the sub ending? If that's the case see you all in the new year as its all bank holidays at the moment.

F*kin stupid option guys, bring back the option to pay direct with credit cards please

Re: Payment via Moneybookers now available

Saw you ingame yeaterday so im guessing its sorted, and not as much DRAMA as you professed!