Topic: Market for Mk2 CTs

I'm no manufacturer, yet I happen to have a number of Mk2 CTs for different bots at various efficiencies. I guess the 25/25s are nearly worthless but not so sure about the value of 50/50s and 75/75s.

Obviously the market is 'whatever someone is willing to pay' but that's really not a helpful measure of the potential value. And surely the steep skill requirements for heavy mech mk2s makes the market for those, well ...special.

I'd love to have some input.

What are the really valuable light, e-war, assault, and mech Mk2 CTs worth, specifically 75/75s?

Also, since the only apparent mechanic for trading them is through the "trade" function, which blows, I'd imagine there are many, many of these things stacking up in hangers all over Nia. Or am i missing some hidden market?

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Re: Market for Mk2 CTs

Well it's not that easy to answer this question well, but here are some guidelines I'd give for 75/75 CTs. I wouldn't expect to always reach the higher end, as this is usually what you get when someone rich really wants it.

Industrial mechs: 5-15m
Combat mechs: 15-25m
Industrial heavy mech: 5-20m
Combat heavy mechs: 30-50m