Topic: Guidelines for Bug Reporting

  • Please use forum search before you post a bug and check whether someone already posted it.

  • Please create a separate topic for every bug. "My collection of bugs"-type topics are really hard to track and bug reports will easily get lost.

  • Please put a concise description of the problem into the topic subject. "The game is broken" is a lot less helpful for finding dupes than "Railguns reload indefinitely".

  • If the bug is related to gameplay, please try to post clear reproduction steps.

  • If the bug looks like a graphic glitch possibly related to hardware, please include your hardware configuration.

  • If the bug is hard to explain, try to make screenshots and post them here. For image hosting you can use imageshack for example. (You can make screenshots with the PrintScreen button, and you can find them in the Perpetuum game directory.)

  • We don't always reply, but rest assured that we try our best to read everything.

  • If a DEV/GM takes a note of the bug, then the topic usually gets moved to the resolved section. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's been fixed, but it's gotten into our bug tracking system, and it's easier for us this way to separate checked topics here.

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