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Topic: Impassable Tiles

Location: Attalica

Tiles: (1070.00,1064.00)
(1068.00, 1059.00)

Robot: Sequer

Problem: I Can't pass through this tile.
I do not see any obstacle that would have been the reason for that.

Nearby there is a lot of tile that are marked as impassable, even if they are on flat ground and there's no plants or anything else.

Re: Impassable Tiles

Location: New Virginia
Tiles:  1563.00, 1601.00

Others in area as well.

Robot: Argano
Problem: Multile tiles in the area cause rubberbanding. Unlike a normal wall I move 1 meter forward then back again.

Re: Impassable Tiles

These seem to have been fixed since.

Re: Impassable Tiles

There are still a lot of builds that are broken on Hershfield unless they've been fixed now.
Shinj is also missing a lot of terrain blocking around buildings about 1km from terminal that a GM said had been fixed.. While I was standing in the middle of it (Not fixed)