Topic: improved filter for extensions

I have created a database table containing the information of all extensions. When I need to upgrade something (i.e. mined amount, cycle time, ...) I filter the table using just a few letters (like cycle) and then all extensions are shown that have some effect on the cycle time of any kind. From that point it is easy to find the extension I am really looking for.

This is very helpful as it saves time finding the right extension. But most of all I don't need to spend EP on an extension in case there is another extension having a similar effect but which requires less EP.

So what I would like to request is: Please add a text box to the extension filter section in which you can enter a simple word. Add a filter button that uses the input to filter the extensions by their effect.

Re: improved filter for extensions

Sounds like something that would be useful to the community in the meantime. Any way of getting this out to others?

Re: improved filter for extensions

I just star all of the extensions that my agent uses.  From there I have no problem finding what I need.  This clears up a lot of the clutter and the extensions that your agent will never ever touch.  Out of sight, out of mind.

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Engineering: leg slot item related, reactor based

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