Topic: English translation typos.

Well it is just one, so far.

When you get an invite to a corporation in the header (or whatever it is called) it says "Invite to corpotation".

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Re: English translation typos.

Thanks, will be fixed in the next patch.

Re: English translation typos.

Someone was playing too much Portal 2.

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Re: English translation typos.

The microwave transmitter inside the modul makes it possible
This celltype rips (should be "cell type")
is an inducated electromagnetic field
The module containts energy cells
The efficency of the plant depends
with less sensor strenght
lifeform (should be "life form")
Most uses of well known should be hyphenated.

After you've deployed it, you cannot put it back into your cargo hold, and will destroy itself when noone opens it for a while. (missing subject)

Word usage:
transactor corporation
contaminated with useless excretas

Terran vs terran (inconsistent capitalization)

Re: English translation typos.

Corpotato. This should be left in.