Topic: Annoying Trading window.

Hey lads, just notice some wery annoying stuff about the trading.
When i dragg stuff into the trade window the stuff is still in my hangar' makes it wery hard to know what stuff i have/havent put in there. Messy!
Atm im grinding drones and collect all the stuff that they drop, then my 'idea' was to trade it all over to my alt and recycle 'he got better skills in that'
BUT! i cant trade stuff that arent repaired. and the repair cost is NOT worth it.

sorry for my bad english! cheers.

Re: Annoying Trading window.

1) Would be nice if the icons could grey out when they're in a trade window

2) Damage items can be traded via the corporation storage. Works very nicely.

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Re: Annoying Trading window.

Well you should not have to be forced to be in the same 'or in a' corp to trade those stuff? and since the repair cost is crazy high then this is a problem.