Topic: reloads wrong ammo

Ok don't know if this has been reported but been noticeing it alot.

here is what happens will try to be clear as possable.

you load a bot in term fill it with ammo load other types of ammo in cargo

pull a level 2 mission deploy run for hour to mission site <hint> k you get there start to fight relize you have wrong ammo loaded for bot type no bigge manual switch ammo in each launcher.

continue the fight robots die took all round in launcher as they all read 0

tell it reload all launchers 10 sec later start next fight. see your not doing as much dmg mouse over launchers find out it did't reload the  correct ammo it reloaded what was in the launchers at the term not the ones you manualy loaded.

switch ammo again.

i noticed this happening alot when fighting with my tyrannos

it also happens while artifact scaning more so then any other time as you switch ammo more.

i know i scaned down severl artifacts working my way down to r10 probs but if i ever right click and chose reload from the menu when there is 0 charges in the scanner  it will always load what ever was put in the scaner in the term in this case r-50 charges even tho i had r-10 in the launcher when it ran empty.

Re: reloads wrong ammo

noted (#3379)