Topic: Obscure Ops (Obs)- small corp seeking EU/US players

Obscure Ops seeks Euro/US members for roaming team play.  We aim to explore all facets of Perpetuum's sandbox in the context of small, organized bands of players.  Our roaming teams of 4-8 conduct a diversity of missions, from searching out ores and plants, to attacking enemy robots and players.  Our current industrial focus is on the Pelistal robots of New Virginia.

If you don't want to get lost in the zerg of larger corporations, and smaller group play appeals to you, then Obs may be the corp for you.  We are a mature (must be >25yr) corp with US and Euro time zone activity.  Teamspeak is an important part of our team play, and is strongly encouraged.  Contact Zindiq or Ferran in-game during Euro time, Igneous during US time, or join the in-game channel Obs for more information.

Thanks for your consideration.

Re: Obscure Ops (Obs)- small corp seeking EU/US players

Fun bunch.  Very laid back.  Dozen or so peeps so far.  The industrialists can build all of the Pelistal bots.