Topic: [request] character creation info for ppl that are abit special

some ppl dont even know what they are choosing when they make the first character, they dont consider the attributes and the free extension they get

can you put a confirm window on each step something like are you sure that you want to put X points on Y attributes and Y attribute have a influence on combat/mining etc

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Re: [request] character creation info for ppl that are abit special

Character creation icons needs to be a little more streamlined too. It's hard to tell which school does what from a glance. A small icon (Red, blue and green) will help. The issue with using red for combat, blue for industry and green for politics is that some people that remake characters think that the colours relate to the factions.

Would be nice if the important information was included as well. "ICS favour Nuimqol. Nuimqol like Magnetic weapons. Magnetics weapons are shorter ranged but high damage weapons" etc. It's all hard to pick out. Veterans will already know what they're doing as this mainly the reason people start to feel like they can't keep up.

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Re: [request] character creation info for ppl that are abit special

IMO, there should be a short (7-day?) "first character" mulligan, just because you learn so much at the start of the game. When the time period is up, you get a choice to restart (or just reset extensions). If you decline, nothing changes.

Even if this counts only for the first character you ever make, it'd be highly valuable.

Re: [request] character creation info for ppl that are abit special

I had a problem and some other folks from my corp had issues advancing the character creation process because of the non descriptive green arrow that advances to the next selection screen. Now that the game is probably going to be picking up new people I believe the green arrow should have some kind of caption that lets the player know to click it to advance to the next step. A new player should not have his first memory of this game as one of being unable to create a character due to a small, non-descript interface element.

Re: [request] character creation info for ppl that are abit special

Add descriptions of attributes on rollover, and an initial page that explains the process and decisions.

Make the green arrow pulse brighter after a short time.

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Re: [request] character creation info for ppl that are abit special

I agree with these suggestions, especially the 'mulligan' or what have you for the first week. You learn so much in that small period of time, and it's difficult to make an informed decision with so little exposure to the games mechanics.

New players may feel put off if they decide they hate the weapon type they chose and wasted their whole first week on something they'll never use again. Even more so as they have to see that mistake every time they open their extension page.

It goes without saying that newbie friendliness is very important to hook those who might only give your product a few days or weeks chance to impress them.