Topic: any run down of the corps?

Hey all, first off this game has amazing potential. I'm so excited to see devs finally have the balls to make an MMO in the way they used to be made where it was a good solid foundation of tools for players to shape their own world instead of the crap that passes for MMOs now a days.

anyway on to my question.
can anyone give a very basic run down of the things that each corp leans towards. I realize anyone can train any skill, but they obviously favor certain types of modules or forms of combat. I can't seem to find this anywhere.

for example: corp X - lasers, ecm, missile drones, generally high capacitor low armor but fast.

Any guidance would be much appreciated because my first char I just picked blind and I'd rather pick something that might suit my play style now instead of waste time and find out a month from now I picked options that go completely against how I like to play.

Re: any run down of the corps?

What's your play style?

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Re: any run down of the corps?

First you figure out what you want to do. Then you find the corp that goes with it. In that order.

Also this will become a troll thread in a few hours

Re: any run down of the corps?

well. generally I like a fighter/support type of play style. not dps, but enough to hold up in a fight.

for combat i'm not a fan of missiles or the magnetic style weapons, this is purely from the way they look not from any actual knowledge of how the game works. I'm one of those gamers that likes trying to use less used weapon systems to challenge myself as well. It just keeps me involved in a game longer.

as for the support half. I like debuffing style support, things like electronics warfare. I'm really pretty open to any style of support though. I've enjoyed healers in MMOs as well as buff oriented play. Debuffing is just my main preference.

so knowing nothing of this game and being a complete noob I guess to sum it up: fast, mobile debuffer that can add a decent amount of damage to a fight.

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Re: any run down of the corps?

Well the thelodica EW bot/mechs are very good right now. EW is especially useful in small roaming gangs.

Not sure how good they are in mass pvp. I have a feeling they will get called primary and sniped by Seths before they can get in range.

If you like to become a repairbot you have to skill up for the industrial bots. I belive the riveler is the best support mech right now.

Ask the different corp recruiters ingame. They are either industry focused, pvp focused or a mix. Use this link if you want to join the larger corps:

Re: any run down of the corps?

Chameleon is the bot you are looking for. They are only very slightly slower than Intakts, have more dependable debuffing and have the potential for respectable dps that the other 2 ewar lights lack, due to EM being top dps and magnedart ammo hitting like a goddamn truck.

Just don't get demobbed.

Re: any run down of the corps?

Thanks for the help guys. I already spent thousands of EP without having a clue what direction i wanted to go in.

is there a specific type of ewar the intakts and chameleon get bonuses for? i don't quite understand what the different types of ewar actually do. Also, what's demobbed mean?

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Re: any run down of the corps?

Something changed with ewar right before release which has a pretty big effect on it. Sensor suppressors, which increase locking range and time, were changed from auto hit to the same model as ECMs, which is a chance to hit based on a roll of ewar strength and a bots sensor strength.

Chameleon and Vagabond get a bonus to this ewar strength of 5% per lvl of basic and advanced robot controls respectively, whereas Intakt and Zenith get a bonus to the supression effect, both range and time.

Zenith also get a bonus to ewar range which makes them pretty damn good in my view, though they will still be more susceptable to ECCM counters than the Vagabond.

Then you have the Troiar and Ictus which are energy warfare, which is probably the most annoying thing if you have ever been neuted from 100-0 cap in a matter of seconds. The range on these modules is pretty weak, so don't expect to be draining people at 800m.

Demob(iliser) Another type of ewar module that slows people. Universal type which no race specialises in, though I think the Zenith bonus extends the range.