Topic: Can we have a 'lite' terminal option?

So I was reading other discussions on the beta archive, and i remember reading that I think it was Siddy noted that gfx when off the terminals is MUCH faster, likely due to building complexity.   In light of the building complexity going up being planned, could we get an option to turn on 'lite' terminals with simplified buildings?

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Re: Can we have a 'lite' terminal option?

It's not just terminals but all buildings. There is no LOD and most buildings (Though not all as it's been changed in some areas I believe) are rendered across the entire island in their full detail despite not being visible. There is also no object occlusion from what I can see.

90% of the graphical usage you'll see around a terminal are the robots and their icons. Removing the icons can help a lot and for even old computers you can try using low detail robots.

1) Add LOD
2) Add a minor object occlusion. Don't render a teleporter on the other side of the world unless the client can see it (Mountains will usually be in the way)
3) More efficient engine to handle icons.

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