Topic: Elite Dangerous - i've got a Déjà-vu

Hi fellow Perp vets.

as todays weekly server maintenance in Elite Dangerous happened,
the DEVs over there did something that made me remember something that happened in perp to.

everyone who used a certain cheat to get godlike high-grade crafting mods with cheap low-tier crafting materials,
got his cheated equip reduced to factory defaults.

and not only that - if the DEVs have detected such a cheated mod on your account, they have removed modifications of the same type on the same kind of equipment on ALL your ships.

this reminds me so of all members of M2S beeing reduced to arkhes in the past.
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*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
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Re: Elite Dangerous - i've got a Déjà-vu

at least they were pvping

was a nice war

Have a productive day, runner!
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