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I wanted to write a suggestion, I think it could refine the industrial system a bit more. Currently any new player who wants to play as industrial, either for pleasure or for being an initial corporation without territory in gamma or beta has many problems to build, for example electronic robot, the materials that are needed are the beta.

It's ok for me that the precious materials are in beta or gamma, to give incentives to PvP, but I think, and this is the suggestion, that the existing distribution discourages new players, since they can not build even the T1 version of The items and robots that may be needed in a match or incursion.

The proposal is, please, that with Alpha materials you can create all items T1 and T2, including all T1 robots.

With advanced beta and gamma materials, mk2 robots and more advanced T3 and T4 items could be created.

As I say, a new corp that can not use all kinds of robots to organize is doomed to begin with, leaving as unique options, playing with an existing corp or directly belong to it.

The game should give everyone the opportunity to do everything to the best of their abilities, the current system reserves important materials not already for advanced items, but even for T1 robots.

Thank you very much !

Re: No opportunity from the beginning

But T1-T2 do not require rare resources at all, same as light/assault bots. Are yuo sure you're doing everything right?

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Re: No opportunity from the beginning

probably not.  since there is like 10,000 of each in level 3,  Ask Goffer to get you some

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Re: No opportunity from the beginning

Hi !

If I'n not wrong, you need materials from beta to build T1 electronic warfare robots, for example. Please check.

Thanks !

Re: No opportunity from the beginning

Even if so, you can use syndicate ewars instead of.

Then, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your corp currently owns 2 beta islands? What's the problem to go and mine/grow those resources? With the current population it should be 99,99% safe

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Re: No opportunity from the beginning

Khendras you are right, light-ewar requires epi commodities (no nora though).

As Line says, getting epi should be easy and basically safe wink

However, given the state of the game and market, and to address this issue of alpha indy players still being too scared to join a corp or go on beta, I will sell epi and nora on the general market. =O

Setting up buy orders of your own too might give you a source of these materials, and will give incentives and add value to these materials back on the market.

But to address the original topic: T1-2 and light/assaults (combat only) being all alpha materials is perfectly reasonable.  I wish there were additional materials, with increasing levels of risk associated with acquiring them.  Right now its just beta w/ Epriton.. that's the only material and only pvp risk type involved.
The "other" game has a range of materials that increase in abundance as you go into riskier areas; we have, really, only one.

Re: No opportunity from the beginning

Hi guys ! Thanks for participating. As I say is not an issue that affects my current corporation, but I put myself in the shoes of new players that form a new corporation.

If you force to acquire the precious resources, not to form mk2 robots, but for simple T1 items or mk1 robots, you are forcing new people to have a healthy economy, and to not be able to do anything decent without having a healthy economy. We all know that this is not viable if you do not make beta and / or gamma incursions.

If the goal is that we can play together, or with healthy rivalry, both among ourselves and with new players, we can not sink into misery to new players, or will never expand the base of players of the game.

Thank you very much for reading the post and commenting on your opinion. I hope and hope that the developers will also read it and ponder what is presented here.

A hug !

P.D.: Excuse me if my english is not good, I try my best  wink

Re: No opportunity from the beginning

It costs you like 200k Epi to produce Prototype for ligth ewar, that is a bit more more than 1 argano cargo.

I think it is ok, that you are forced to either risk this argano on beta or spend a long time on alpha to get the materials.

You could e.g. collect artifacts and recycle the T0/T3- stuff for Epi materials. One sequer full of artifact stuff should be more than enough for those not willing to take the risk.

I see a far bigger problem in the fact, that game activity is far to low, to allow a new player any specialisation.

Re: No opportunity from the beginning

I dont think so its needed.

We used to play 5 year and that was the last problem I heard. And as someone already said, T1, T2, and light, assault robots are able to be produced with Alpha resources, so that is should be enough.

If you reverse that that will effect overall market especially Epriton and what use tha.

What logicalNegation said is more of a problem. So make more materials what risky to get. We have only Epriton and Noralgis partly. (As they mentioned Gamma materials if I remember correctly.)

So again, I dont think so that is a big problem now, and dont need to change.

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Re: No opportunity from the beginning


The problem with artifacting is that content is random, and there are not always enough quality spots for a new player.

Buying the materials can not be an option either, since your sellers are likely to be enemies, just do not put resources on sale....

At no time have I said that it is a problem, it is a suggestion, so that those who are new can also experiment with other facets/mechanic of the game without reaching the conclusion that everything has to be bought, on the other hand, the manufacture also Can reduce the economic cost of risk.

If so far has not been a problem, well, perfect, but perhaps the change attracted more players and more corporations, and so far the level of population of the game is what it is.

Thank you for your opinions !

Regards !