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I'm surprised this hasn't been more popular amongst the groups here.  The PvP in this game is absolutely brutal - I mean it puts Eve to shame really.

Does anyone play?  Official or Unofficial servers?


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Played a bit a few months ago, had my own server but also tried official ones.

Great game, still need more polish IMO.

I think they went a bit crazy with it, haven't played in a while but I saw some stupid stuff being added to the game.

Otherwise I think your comparison with EVE is ridiculous.

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Well,  with Eve you can be infiltrated and months / years worth of work stolen and destroyed.   You are, however, left with a personal inventory of assets spread throughout the planets and systems and a bank account full of isk.  Reputation built up with AI factions, etc.

In Ark, you can be completely raided and wiped being forced to start 100% over naked as the day you were born with absolutely nothing but your character's build.  Months / years worth of work gone in minutes.   The fact that you can lose more time / effort,  have to risk more with every fight, and are often just raided by trolls,  makes me say it's more brutal.   

Tribe infiltration, insider sabotage, and mind games are all the required strategies if you're going to play PvP.  It seems like it would attract people from this community more than it seems to have. 

The game does need a bit more polish but it is completely playable.  Very few real bugs in comparison to other early access games, especially if you just want the PvP experience.

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EVE is an MMO game with a truly persistent world in space, Ark is a multiplayer survival game with dinosaurs, so Ark can be as brutal as it is, it's not about putting EVE to shame in any way because they are completely different games. Better compare it to the other 50-100 survival games that went out the past few years and are still in early access. A bunch of us played most of them.

As of PvP itself, most survivals are too buggy to have a pleasant and competitive experience over time. It's fun for a while then you switch to the new popular survival game, rinse and repeat. Then you realise you played 30 of them the past year and say *** off to early access games.

What is really working in Ark are the dinosaurs tbh, they are amazing and a lot of us dreamed of a game like that when kids. Also it came after The Stomping Land cool

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