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As I have 6 chracters in the game it is a bit hard to manage storage and I can't use corp storage because everyone in corp has access to that and it is diffecutl to use private storage becuase that involves alot of trading so my idea is to have a storage that only players that have permission from the chracter that created the storage have access to the storage. This way players with alot of characters like me can have a combined storage between only his/her characters (if they have multiple).

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You need to be aware, that this creates a problem unless (Deputy) CEO has also access to storage, as there are reasons to reduce number of storages if corp shrinks under a certain level, but you are not allowed to cancel storage rent as long as there is a folder left (which is very good to ensure, you do not forget stuff).
But we have corps with only 1-2 player left.

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I think he want something else not in corp.

I think ADFormer thinking about some "personal sharable" folders. So you make a folder and you can share to your accounts or something. Actually that is not a bad idea. Iam not sure how hard to make.

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Thats how I understand it aswell. Seems like a sweet feature smile

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the lack of such a feature is actually the reason why i have NEVER joined another corp in perp (except that one FAIL)

a propper alliance feature implemented would have solved this too - as anyone who has several accounts, could have created just a sub-corp with all its benefits.

BUT the important persons (styx, siddy, B.O.) said alliance feature would be BAD for the game... just like corp internal market fuuu

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Yes like what inda said I wanted a storage that my accounts and only my accounts can open. This way I can see exactly the total amount of items I have so that when I equip a bot I don't have to look at every screen and open each private storage to see if I have that item before I buy some.

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Corp storage container with password feature would solve most of the issue.