Topic: Add a 4th beta island for light and assult bots only

Here's the idea.  Add a 4th beta in the center of the map.  Link it via teleport to the alpha 1 islands only.  Make the terrain around all the teleports and/or stations on the island steep enough that only assault and light bots can  navigate it.

Here is why I think it's a good idea:

It would encourage small corps and new players to try out the PVP aspect of the game.
Small bots are cheap enough to risk and lack of mechs on the island would make it more appealing.
At the same time you are stuck using small bots for mining ops and therefore keep the risk and reward balanced.

A bot only island would ad a new dimension of gameplay.  New fits to try out and tactics to discover.

It will make the transition to PVP gameplay less punishing for new players.   It takes far less EP to run a bot well.

It will allow new corps a better option to access the materials need to start building a proper mech and PVP force using T4 gear.   Making the new island a good way to transition into the other beta and gamma islands.

It gives Alpha 1 islands a reason to actually be used.  As it is you start on alpha 1 and then leave as soon as possible.  Alpha 2 has the same tier of missions,  no additional risk, better markets, and better access to beta.   Alpha 1 seems to only exist as a place to drop new players and a landmass that must be crossed to help separate the other islands.  Add the 4th beta island in the middle and they have a use again as a staging area to beta 4. 

The last (and best reason if you are a dev)  is this requires no changes to the game mechanics to work.  You need only set up a center island and adjust the terrain on the island to make it work.  Yes I know it would take time to do and could be a more difficult task than I suspect..  The plus side is that by using existing game mechanics it won't have the unintended side effect of causing any game breaking bugs.

Re: Add a 4th beta island for light and assult bots only

I don't think this is a bad idea, but I recall previous posts about making 'small' terrain changes on an existing island not very easy for the Devs to do as one would think.  Similar request have been made to make a tournament type island or an infestation island, so if you search back on those topics you might find some answers.

It might allow for more small roams which this game hasn't seen in years, but I doubt it would make new/small corps move to PVP.  Right now, any corp can just NAP up with the majority of corps that are already NAP'd together or wait until some of the islands get flipped then try to NAP with the other side.  Diplomacy seems to work well in this game (especially for new corps).
If a guy or group cant keep away from a mech/HM in assaults/lights now on beta, they wont be able to survive in an all assault/light island any better.

Re: Add a 4th beta island for light and assult bots only

First let me correct the original post.   it's the 7th beta and would be the 4th to be directly accessible from alpha.

as to Altera.  I agree you have this assessed correctly for the most part.  I think if you don't have to play keep away from mechs it may introduce new tactics, builds, and roles for bots.  I also think the lower cost of doing PVP would encourage more PVP.

Re: Add a 4th beta island for light and assult bots only

once upon a time, the island you know as "Norhoop", was named "Geingrosh", and the terrain was so rough,
that light bots and assaults could go completely DIFFERENT routes then heavy mechs.

but then, some started to complain, that they couldn't reach each and every spot on a map, that was either a mining or mission spot, with a designated heavy mech - and the DEVs heard their calls.
They started to smooth out the procedurally generated terrain manually, opening up every spot and path for heavies.

not sure, but i think to remember that they even lowered the slope divergency between the bot classes for that.
(for sure i know that once the waspish had a better slope then other assaults)

to much manual imput required to make a good beta island atm...

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