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Topic: Eve online

Now we have finally given up on this game we gave given eve a go again.
Our current home is in Pandemic Horde as it fits our eclectic mix of play styles and allows anyone in with no preconditions or requirements.

You will find us doing PVE and PvP down there.

Feel free to join our in game channel 'Jokers' - mail Jita Horde for the password.

You can also find us on our discord, log in details are in the corp MOTD. If you are not from 'Jokers' but want to hang out then mail me on the forums and I'll send you the details.

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Re: Eve online

Wrong forum. lol

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Re: Eve online

The in game channel is [jokers].

You can join our discord server here: https://discordapp.com/invite/0ql7ffIKucmnntM2

We do not use the [jokers] channel anymore in EVE but feel free to join the Discord.

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Re: Eve online

I'm going to stop by and say hello.  I have no intentions of joining Eve since The wow group is raiding mythic content.

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