Topic: Installed chat module

We can expect to see a program that, once installed, allows you to connect to the game chat (without having to install the game)?

This will help to:
Connect to all channels of the game
To help new players at any time
Communicate with any player in the game at any time
See for chat corporations squad, private channels.
Read the correspondence of people when we are at work or school or other...

The game has a few people and the poor be communicative. If the active players will be more accessible, in theory, it will help to keep a tight link between them and the new players.
Give us a tool for permanent stay in the game. If the body is not in the game, at least, the words and the mind will be)))

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+100500 for Perpetuum open API

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Or, like, to simulate the population xD

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We are on this will not tell anyone)