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Jita wrote:

What I would like to see is a racial bonus which reduced ROF by 75% and increased damage by 400%. This would make them glass cannons, give them a use in a pack and make shield fits viable.

What's the point in machine guns then? Why don't you just install EM guns instead?

Point of the MG is fastest cycle, that makes them incompatible with shield fits. Implementing the changes you propose will just turn MG's into differently looking EM guns. Why would we need that?

What if they used AC instead?  MG's actually kills faster then anything else out there.  However, if you throw t4p AC on, it plucks away slower then a t4P Mesmer Mk 2 with the same fit (as if used on a Seth Mk 2, only difference is the guns / bot combo, rest of gear is the same per standard fit for slots provided).

Maybe that's the thing ... give the new bots a bonus to Firearms ... but a better bonus to AC, NOT MG's.  I've been monkeying around with AC and they are terribly slow and their damage doesn't come close to the Mesmer AND their ROF is just a hair better (like .14, no noticeable difference except considerably less damage then the MG with same build).

Interesting side note : MG kills unbelievably fast and has 200 round clip. AC Kills considerably slower then the MG and Gauss and yet boasts a 180 round clip, Gauss has quite a bit less damage then the t4 MG with a lot less in the clip (25) ... rof makes a difference for the MG, but I feel the Magnetic Weapons need a boost in Damage or Clip Size. 

Who has a link for that 'combat nerf' I heard about?

Thanks for the ears peeps!


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It looks like autumn aggravation... neutral

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Chemist has it right.

Does whatever he wants while he watches the train wreck of a game.

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