Re: Ideas for Syndicate ewar bot bonuses/roles/fitting slot count

Oh gee, now everyone sees what I was saying before the patch, and now you get on board.

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Re: Ideas for Syndicate ewar bot bonuses/roles/fitting slot count

It's because mk2 assault and below are so easy to get and so much better they are the standard even for new people. This is why a syndicate robot with rough parity to mk2 would benefit new people - make it a bit more expensive f you want but the token cost requires that people are rewarded for playing the game with useful mechs and assaults.

Step 1 - make them useful.

Zoom If your prepared to listen to ways to make it a useful bot / race then make a thread and ask. Quite often it feels like these forums are a circle jerk between the same old faces but please don't miss this opportunity in the same way you did the balance patch. The first new bots and mechs for years have the potential to bring back some of the thirty thousand people who played before but only if they are useful. Your current plan will make all but a couple of them vanity bots that'll don't get used.

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Re: Ideas for Syndicate ewar bot bonuses/roles/fitting slot count

Annihilator wrote:

mk1 is actually just a crafting component for mk2's

thats the reality... like t1-t3 modules.

just had this talk with another perp player last week - MK2's are simply to powerfull compared to MK1's.
make them only cost the RARE materials + mk1 and BUFF MK1's slot count to what the MK2s have
(MK2 still has better CPU/Reactor, additional bonuses)

eventually CHANGE body slots on MK2s to allow different roles then mk1.

for example:
allow Missiles in Mesmers MK2's belly slot (like Artemis)
allow Artemis MK2 to fit 3 Missiles (the other shoulder)
allow medium weapons on Intact and Cammy MK2 in that medium top slot.

things like that...

***, I LOVE bring right.

This is all about specializations.

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Re: Ideas for Syndicate ewar bot bonuses/roles/fitting slot count

the thing you wont like is that i really want to see ewar put into MISC torso slots, as it would be 100 times easier to balance...

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Re: Ideas for Syndicate ewar bot bonuses/roles/fitting slot count

I really really don't care, this is a all about a direction change to what we currently have.

Mk2's should be those go to bots for specializations, they should be really good at what they do, over all the rest of the other bots.  Restating what I have already said, this gives the power to the players to fit out how they wish, and to see quickly what they are going against to a degree.

Mk1's are the Jack of all trades, good but not great, but still useful in filling out body rolls.

Zoom I think I understand what your going at with the new bots, sadly I dont see it working out unless you do a major rework to other areas of the game.  I have stated this before, now I many not have your big picture Zoom, but from what I am seeing this is adding content that is nice to see, and nice to blog about, but has zero use in PVP combat as we see it currently.

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Re: Ideas for Syndicate ewar bot bonuses/roles/fitting slot count

BeastmodeGuNs wrote:
Line wrote:

Still think that we also need a dedicated Nexus bot

That could be put into the heavy mech as the term "support" is not defined quite yet for it, so maybe it could get some nexus love there, or give some nexus love to currently existing indies. idk.

I may or may not have caused a thing via suggestion without realizing it considering Nexuses now are set in a way that they only work effectively while equiped to heavies. lol

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Apologies if it seems like I am bragging, I just started scrolling back through old posts and found this and could not help but realize the fact that this is basically what we have now. big_smile

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