Topic: What is the syndicate robots role?

Devs, what do you envisage the role being?

Vs Assaults

Lets do a basic look at the DPS of the three gun assaults. All comparisons are made using 5 small guns, no tunings, non range based PvP ammo and max skills (no nexus).

Locust 132.5 dps
Arbalast mk2 133.5 dps
Baphomet 126 dps

As you can see the Baph comes out with the lowest DPS, the Locust mid and the Arb the highest. This becomes more pronounced when the arb switches to Magnadart ammo when the Arbalast does 154 DPS while still doing more range than the Locust. Its also worth noting that the Baphomet has an extra head slot. If you put a tuning in that it gets 146 dps.

So then if all assaults start with the same number of head slots and use PvP ammo that does the most damage you get the following:

Locust 132.5
Arbalast 154
Baphomet 146.5

All other assaults can hit the Locust for full damage despite the dispersion bonus.

So what other areas are of concern?

1) Range - in an assault vs assault fight the Lotust has the shortest range. This is compounded by problem 2
2) Low slots - the Locust has a massive two low slot disadvantage. This makes it impossible to tank without bieng very demob vulnerable
3) Speed - a standard demob resistant Arbalast and baphomet will still do over 100 while remaining 20% or more resistant to demobs. A frame fit Locust however can only reach 110 with -25% demob resistance. It doesn't have the low slots to get resistant. One demob is going to give the other assaults a speed advantage.

Bottom line is vs other assaults it does less damage, at a shorter range and under a single demob cannot get close enough to put that damage on. It does this with two less low slots for tank. It is possible to fit a decent shield tank that will take a lot of deeps but that means you cant shoot back, your moving in the 80's and you still cant get close enough to kill your enemy.

Vs Mechs and heavies

So this is where the dispersion may shine. Lets Anni discussed this in a different thread but the best case scenario vs a max skilled player is you will take 10% of the damage. but this is against disadvantages such as:

1) your tank is MUCH lower
2) green mechs will hit you every time
3) your still so demob vulnerable all mechs can demob you and maintain a range you cant shoot back
4) your dps it much less

But lets say you have found that one noob who doesn't have great dispersion. Your actually killing him! Its taking forever but this is the most erect you have been since playing perpetuum!

What do you think is going to happen to you at 35m from the mech or heavy when it dies? You are going to get boned by explosion damage. Every. Damn. Time.

tl,dr: for assaults: Underpowered, under tanked and unable to get close enough to shoot vs anyone with a demob. For mechs: you have no chance to kill them but will die to explosion damage if you do

What is their role Zoom?

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Re: What is the syndicate robots role?

+1 good read.  Without playing the game, this is kind of what I expected out of the gate.  Noone likes nerf hammers and they may buff over time.

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Re: What is the syndicate robots role?

Miners killers, SAP ninjas, etc.?

There were some other changes pronounced, from the other side - like, reworking med guns dispersion or sorta. So currently Sindyssaults are a half of the pie just to taste it.

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Re: What is the syndicate robots role?

jita - did you fit med autocannons on that locust? it can fully fit T4 without having to sacrifice any low for an extra reactor, and it doesn't slow down as much as other assaults.

or in your max DPS calculation assault vs. assault i am missing chemo-ammo t4 MG's.
against double plated assaults, med autocannons are 100% chance to hit, and MGs are 75% chance to hit (at 2s cycletime!)

you also left out the newly buffed waspish from your "all other assaults" list.

please do it right... the locust is meant to field medium firearms!

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Re: What is the syndicate robots role?

I did look at medium firearms on all assaults - remember that with those two extra low slots you have the ability to add a reactor and still have a low spare. Arbalast out damaged all, you get the same spread. From a speed perspective you still have the same demob problem.

There is no situation that a demob fitted assault will lose to a demob fitted locust.

As for the waspish, its not really comparable but considering it can two to three shot a locust while shield tanking all damage its really not worth the comparison.

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Re: What is the syndicate robots role?

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