Re: Piece of shlt instead of GF on intrusions.

Naismith wrote:

And it took you 5 years to comprehend what we've been saying all along when people like Jita cried for unlocked outposts or more outposts or whatever?


Each time such a threads were raising, your side was protecting the current mechanics using the sentences like 'it gives a chance for smaller corps' or 'it's not our fault you aren't no-lifer', or 'get some friends', or whatever. Which one of that you think I've finally understood?

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Re: Piece of shlt instead of GF on intrusions.

I have no desire play the perpetuum because of stupid PvP content and lack of PvE. This is not my fault and not my problem. I just informed DeVs (once again) that i've played a bit their game again, but can't stay here cause of out of interests. I'm not going run intrusions all/every day and chase mices on betas. Maybe i'll back again, maybe not. For now nothing hold me here.

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Re: Piece of shlt instead of GF on intrusions.

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