Topic: Syndicate robots

I would suggest giving these robots rank ten skills that are new specific to them.

I would also suggest that gunnery secondary skills are split out - its not really reasonable that gunnery secondary skills fit three weapon types but missiles one.

I would suggest splitting weapons in to sub groups and each weapon system has secondary skills that match that weapon system. Refund the EP so folks can choose.

Lets give people a reason to get ep via missions / logging in and something to actually spend it on

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Re: Syndicate robots

I think more skills, and less overlap would be good. Both as an EP sink, but also to make it more fair to green pilots who are in a crosstraining disadvantage today.

Re: Syndicate robots

-1. If you need "EP sink" then change the EP rewards or revert the chinese patch completely. No need to make more mess.

Separate branch for missiles might be a good idea.