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Topic: missions not competing bug


When completing multi missions at once it sometimes has the below error.  It will take all the items, check them off one one toon list but not the other.

Trying up 'Deliver' again even if you have a spare as I do in this screenshot gives the 'Not all objectives' error, no matter which toon tries.

If you open up the assignment info it will how all objectives with green tick and will update he assignments window to reflect the same, still am unable to deliver the mission.

This happens atleast every 5-10 mission runs. I have also tried relogging which does not help, only thing to do is abort the mission.


Re: missions not competing bug

as you are in a squad - did someone else in your squad also run harvest missions?
the log may have spawned for someone else harvesting the same. the "pick up log" will then also show green for you, even though your squadmate has picked it up.

just a thought

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Re: missions not competing bug

yes, I was in a squad with me, and me doing harvest missions.

I always make sure all missions are ticked off in all logs before heading in to hand in.

The screenshot shows two clients at the same time.  If one of the squad had picked it up they would have been able to hand it in also but this was not possible.

This happens much more frequently on higher missions.

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Re: missions not competing bug

3 different clients, 3 different levels of complete for the same mission at the same time...

Also,  "deliver 7046 helio..." i have so much of it, but it wont take it

It doesnt seem to happen if you pick up 2 missions, and the higher level missions it happens more on