Topic: Syndicate Robots info?

So... with the EP changes out you Devs said the new Syndicate Robots are your current focus. Now I just want to make this simple and I am not interested in seeing the actual bots, stats, bonuses and capabilities yet until the actual blog.

I simply want to know mr zoom, if it is still your intention to have a set of combats and a set of industrials together in this faction of "Syndicate crafted robots."

What I am asking is approx how many robots do you guys plan to have released and how many will be combats and how many will be industrial.

"CURRENT" estimate to approximate blog release time from now would also be appreciated if at all possible.

Any form of new robots besides buffed reskins could help the population and player activity a bit. A little info here would be nice.

Thank you!

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Re: Syndicate Robots info?

Blog in a few days.

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Re: Syndicate Robots info?

So August?  tongue

For the blog

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