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I have 2 accounts linked on steam, id like to add a third.  Is there a way to buy through steam and link it to another email?  When I add to cart it says I already own it.

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You can't buy Perpetuum for the same Steam account multiple times, just like you can't do it with any other game.

The only way is to buy the standalone version here in our store (and optionally link it to your Steam account).

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So I was able to make an account on this site, connected it to steam.  The login email is available when launching the game.  Even if i buy the base game here, upgrading with the kits bought from steam wont work, correct?  Everything after the initial steam purchase for a second account would have to be bought on this site?

The only reason I would buy from steam is because I have cash in my steam wallet already.

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Yes, each account is unique and handles game and dlc ownership individually.