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Hey Zoom, how about one central market?  Maybe trying it out for a month or two see how it goes.  Since the market is in turmoil and it's a pain in the butt to have to move lots of resources around, why not have one market.  Obviously not private storages but at least have one market that spans through all of alpha, not beta cause you know the whole having to sell plasma and stuff.  Just try some local alpha stuff for now see how it goes.

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I'm happy to try anything, but I think the basis of the problem is the population. I don't  anything you do will make a difference to the 10 or so people playing atm..

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I'm against one central market. There is no reason for faction based ores if you could buy/sell them

BTW market would be far better if there would be a chance to spark from gamma to alpha and back

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mb better one island? lol for 10ppl it very good

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- each alpha terminal is 5 minutes away from each other in a sequer.
- market offers can be seen from everywhere
- you don't lose equip in PVE -> if you want to buy PvP equip less then 5min before your group is heading out, you are doing something wrong.

if anything needs to be done for any new player, then its giving them a free sequer with a T4 LWF and the extensions to drive it.

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Hey know how farming for those kernels is such a big grind. How about we try infinite kernel drops to see how it goes?[/hyperbole] If you want to avoid the logistic of shuffling around stuff you pay for the transport assignments. If you don't want to pay you just want to get rid of an obstacle for 0 cost. The other option woudl be to accept a trade off of removing one obstacle but adding another. Such as central location no PvP terminal but unavoidable tax and no other station services. That way those that want to play the economic game can do the three alpha shuffle supported by the difference between tax vs untaxed and those that want to onestep shop can do so.

But if you are not willing to pay on average more on the onestop shop there is no point.

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ok okay. My bad, i just thought maybe it would help.  Didn't know yall liked alpha that much.  close thread.

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During the good old days some features requested in this section has been accomplished, now they don't even have the time to bug fix so, you are really wasting your time here unfortunately, anyways we've heard all ideas before ad nausium.