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Topic: I like it!

I paused to check everything before to say something. And now i'm sure: I like perpetuum as it is.

1) At least there are less chance for blobbing, undesirable PvP and losts. Guys, really. Last few months i read topics about problems around demobs-vs-plates and current speed charachteristics... I see the only one thing: it's hard to destroy enemy robots. Yes. You don't need a victory, you looking for kills. This is fatal habit for kills in the game spoils everything. You don't care about intrusions. Kills, kills, kills...

2) Assignment system. Of course there are lot of work, but good foundation set. Less walks, more action, more ways for getting rewards. Good job DeVs!

3) Shouting around pay to win? F#ck you guys. I remember the time with plated seths and 9-10 repair bots on follow and everything was fine. When DeV's gave opportunity for noobs to get some EP (in starter packs) you started a holywar against P2W. Basically f#ck you here...

4) Goal for a solo play. Finnaly it appeared. Black robots looks tasty and available. This is a really officer bots and it have to be.

I could continue to list the dignity of the game, but I will not. I will say this:

Dear DeV's! Continue your work and don't give a chance to shift balance to interests some players. Your money - new players. Make interesting game for them. Old players will play anyway.

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Re: I like it!

Well, good to hear that Hunter!

I am here because I see there is more opporuntity to grow than ever.

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Re: I like it!

I know some things might be 'better' but the robot rebalance killed it. I like that at least now they have listened to the player base . Created a blog in summer with all the projects they would like to do and up to now they are following it up as promised, I see more organization and small goals to accomplish, for that, great work.


Re: I like it!

I think Hunter got a job