Topic: New Sydicate Shop Cost Balancing

There are some rumblings about token and nic costs about some items and figured it would be nice to focus the conversation into one thread.

A few things though that haven't been mentioned that should be balanced:
Small vs Medium module costs: probably shouldn't be the same.
Requisition Slips: What is the chance % of each type it gives out? is it flat? is the cost proportional to this chance? (Dev feedback here would be nice)

With respect to nic vs Token cost of items:
If squad combat mission 'exploit/feature' is removed/addressed, should nic be brought down closer to mission nic per token yields?
Not all the way so there is still the need to source Nic from outside mission running, which in theory will drive market activity.  Maybe I am wrong.
Either way, if there was a proportion of Token: Nic for mission yields, and a (different) proportion for Shop items, what might that be?

Re: New Sydicate Shop Cost Balancing

Small versus Medium is spot on.

Zoom still hasn't confirmed if he is going to reinstate the original nic costs after he fixes squad missions.

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Re: New Sydicate Shop Cost Balancing

a bit indecisive

small ammo costs less then medium
but small modules cost same as medium

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Re: New Sydicate Shop Cost Balancing

Heh, Balance.

That is all.

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