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Is reputation rewards supposed to be this low for level 6 missions?

These numbers are the same to the PRE-patch missions and the number went from 6.0 to 600.  So for my calcualtions, we should be getting between 10 and 30 per mission instead of 0.1 and 0.3 per mission.  If you only get 0.1 per mission from 0 - 700, it would take 7000 missions to get 700.  That is rediculous.

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There are diminishing returns for relation rewards.

30 per mission at 0-100
10 per mission at 100-200
0.2-0.3 per mission at 600-700

So you might need to do like maybe 600 missions to reach 700.

*numbers may not be correct, just an example

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it was said after that patch, that it is intended.

the scaling is just the same as you get in any other game
only difference here is, you got a fixed range of points you need to get to the next level, and instead dimishing point rewards the higher you get.

DEVs did this, because its easier to implement (given the connection between your relation points and their effects on industry), ignoring the reasons why other game DEVs did it the other way round (~same reward given, but increasing range necessary between levels)

and then there are the Diablo3 DEVs, that made both things scale upwards exponentially, but with different exponents big_smile

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Got it