Topic: more land

An idea I had was for more land the planet players are currently on all the islands will be alpha, and no more gamma and beta on this map, but there will be beta and titan planets. In each planet there will be a cannon in the center of each map that lanches you to another planet. I took a lot of time planning this out here is the lay out im thinking of.

3-5 of alpha, beta, and titan planets, and note that im saying titan planet insted of gamma. That is because there is no gamma planets at least not at the start. On titan planets you can customize, build, and use collossle robots only on these titan planets, and one player can own only one titan per faction so one plistal, theodical, nimqol, and industrial titan per player, but there are 6 terminals on each titan planet each surrounded by 5 energy cells your corperation must own at least 3 of the 5 energy cells to own the terminal, and each terminal your corperation owns that amount of titans can be used by your corperation so 1 terminal 1 titan per coperation.

Beta islands are the same as the beta islands, but in space you can build space stations your corperation has to have one of these before they can create a gamma planet. Once you have a space station you can then build an orbital carrier, and an artifical planet core you deploy it in a point in space and then your corperation owns the planet. The only way it can be captured is by capturing the terminal that starts on it, but it is protected for the first month it's created so that no corperation can capture it right when the planet is created.