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Topic: Market makers

As we all know, sometimes is difficult to buy items from public market even when you have money. Because there'simply no liquidity. In other words, no market. And it wont fix itself, you all know it, let's face it and maybe do something instead of hoping.
This issue has to be resolved.
How? Well, actually there's mechanisms for such things in the real world market.
On NYSE, there is a specialist assigned to every stock. Sometimes specialist have more than one stock or one stock have more than one specialist. To become the specialist not only the person need to have a couple of millions of dollars and qualification, but also the connections.
His duty is to maintain the liquidity of the stock, so anyone can buy and sell it anytime in trading session. If he fails to do so, he's fired.
If there is a lot of sell orders and too little buy ones, he places the real buy order for himself. And if the opposite happens, he sells his stocks. Of course, there's a rules so he basically can't get the better price than his clients. But still he can make profit.
You can read more in internet if interested. For now, i think this explanation is enough to give an idea what should we do in our a lot smaller but quite simillar market model in game.

You see, market system was never that simple. It'not just players/investors who make it work. Sometimes even in real world it'very close to collapse, but some superheroes saving the day.

If we'll have some people, or just devs(but not infinite NPC) placing orders on market, it'll still be player driving economy, there just will be people too help it survive. Prices of such orders shoudn't be as good as the player ones, so there still be a good reason to produce and sell stuff. But there's definitely shoudn't be a situation when you simply can't buy what you want even for double price.

It's very frustrating especially for new players. When you have such a dead market.

By the way, EVE have their own specialist who responsible for ingame market. I've seen him talking  about various "boring" things on fanfest long ago when i've still cared. One of the story i've remembered is how they've stopped the PLEX price crisis by throwing hundreds of them on the market.

Real economy is very cool, but sometimes it needs some careful interventions. In desperate times you need to do something, not waiting for miracles when there'no reasons for them to happen.

Re: Market makers

If you want to pay me to keep supply orders up do contact me.

However having supplky orders that are never collected suck pretty hard. Demand orders also deliquify you. LIquidity won't be a free good. The question is what are people willing to pay for it?