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Topic: Role Bonus: A solution to after-effects of balance patch

Hello and Greetings to all,
As many forum topics have risen over the balance patch from many moons ago, I thought this might have already been covered.

Have we considered applying Role Bonuses to get back the same level of effectiveness of some bots before the patch but maintains the same goal of equalizing the minimum skilled player vs L10 player in the same bot having 80%-100% more effectiveness. 

In reducing the overall maximum effectiveness of a bonus has, in some well documented cases exhibited in this forum, brought the effectiveness of that bot's intended role below that of more versatile platforms.

Number of turret slots should not, alone, out-class the intended/designed role of another.

How can we fix this?
Should slots have limitations on what types of turrets can be fit? Maybe.
How about bots get Flat Bonuses (Role bonuses; not affected by extension levels) to increase effectiveness in a target area to make it exceed others in a particular role. 

I think all bots in all roles can benefit from this!  It helps target their usage, but not necessarily limit versatility or creativity with fitting roles.  However, I think the whole community agrees that some bots just should not be able to do some roles better than bots specifically designated for such tasks. 

It would be absurd if a Seth could mine better than a Riveler right?
Hopefully this is clear from other discussions.

Thank you for your time,