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Topic: the GUI request topics

I'd like to centralise all the good idea the community can have to improved all the aspects of the game GUI.

please post only new ideas !
if you feel the need, create a new post to debate with the feature's name as the title

  • Login

  • Random or last megacorp login screen

  • General

  • right click context menu on agent

  • left click to change the camera view without moving

  • Effects when repair is ON and on differents modules actions.

  • option to apply a color on the name or collor flag for different purpose like : corpo, ally, ennemy, member of the squad, PNJ,...

  • possibility to fully zoom in the mecha, and why not with an inside view, or at least just the GUI without the Mech

  • more futuristic HUD with more information (like avionics HUD in a SF style, arrow to indicate ranged target, distance to target, speed,...)

  • echap key action to close window (not only options)

  • Window

  • possibility to resize all the windows

  • window snaping

  • possibility to make windows transparent

  • fully sizable, dockable,….

  • chat

  • right click context menu in chat

  • undocable chat windows

  • radar

  • option to stop the radar spinning

  • directional arrow from teammates

I will try to edit the list at regular time and organize it by theme
please use this format to post :
new idea