Topic: EU player looking for corp - PvP/Production


I'm looking for the corp, which accepts newbs and guys with Asperger Syndrome (yup, I'm one).
Years 23, living in EU area, played Perpetuum during Open Beta before.

Currently skilling towards missile warfare, next step would be the production.
Also played EVE Online. Those two are mostly similar to each other, so some experience I got (but there is a risk that EVE experience will be incompatible with Perpetuum one).

Was once in one corp, but life forced me to stay down from game, also sometimes I'm sitting in test server if needed.

I'm available under Mumble & TS (can install Ventrilo if needed).

Re: EU player looking for corp - PvP/Production

Join JOKE, you and Beastmode will have lots to talk about.

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Re: EU player looking for corp - PvP/Production

ETHOS is welcome's in!

Energy to Earth!

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