Topic: WTB junk loot

looking to buy junk loot yes, the stuff most of you leve on the ground to dissapear.
will buy as much of it as you can sell for the following prices

red = 1.5k
yellow = 2.5k
white/green = 3.5k

contact Scilya Stingray in game on at

Re: WTB junk loot

How are you going to trade it? Damage items cannot be traded.

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Re: WTB junk loot

Per U? Ah, per item. I may contact you about hauling from a field container if i go kernal farming for NIC, but you may have to compete in price.  I usually get 3-400k per 80U whuch includes frags.

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Re: WTB junk loot

Cerberus Trust International offers prices based on current value. Contact Fylkra or Gates we will total it up and give you an offer.