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Hey guys I just started my "Welcome To Perpetuum" series, aimed at new players looking t check the game out and understand it. Please pass it to any new players, especially if they're having trouble on anything! All in 1080 HD Quality!

Welcome to Perpetuum Online - Episode 001 - The Basics & Combat

Welcome to Perpetuum Online - Episode 002 - 10 Training Missions & Combat

Enjoy, and I hope they also get more intrested in playing.

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The first video pretty much bashes most of the starting game mechanics which I don't blame you for doing even if you sound really intoxicated while doing it and the second video sounds like you got bored after you hit the record button and you really don't want to do it.

Other than that it's a nice waste of bandwidth in an otherwise bleak and grey world.

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Decent tutorials and introduction to the game.

I'm glad it was just you doing the second one.  Not that I minded the gf or wife or whatever, but its not nearly as funny for us as it is for you when you guys are laughing at eachother.

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Girls? on the internetz?

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I don't mean any disrespect, but you really should put a muzzle on the gf while making these videos.  My ears are still ringing from that screechy laughter... sad

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EP 3  -  Welcome to Perpetuum Online - Episode 003 - How To Make Easy Millions of NIC $$
Much better mic smile

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Thanks for these swordfish. Started the tutorial last night and all 3 videos were very well done and are going to help me alot.