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Join this channel if youre a new and small corp for mutual support and socialising.

Many new small corps struggle with low member counts and acitivity levels. By keeping your members in Rag Tags you will make sure your own members dont dispair over low acitvities and gets bored with the game. Thats the prime purpose of the channel.


The topic "Hostile recruitment is forbidden!" needs some explanation. Hostile recruitment is when youre actively trying to bring one member from another (player run) corp to your own. However if a member of another corp contacts you and is willing to switch corp its not considered hostile recruitment.

Also refrain from using the Rag Tags channel for normal recruitment, since this belong in the normal "Recruitment" channel. Exception is uncorporated channel members who have found their way in there, feel free to recruit any such you see, since I believe thats their prime reason to come there in the first place.


Diplomats, politics and other larger corps involvement in Rag Tags. Hostile recruitment is forbidden, but theres no rules in Rag Tags about getting upcoming corps to your own political agendas for the bigger wars out there. In fact when I started the channel I was hoping there would be diplomats waiting for new corps to grow large enough to join up with an alliance eventually. This is supported in the channel.

Since there will be (and already is) diplomats from different player run factions, please refrain from using Rag Tags as your verbal battleground wink

The Rag Tags channel is a neutral public channel and shouldnt be considered as an alliance or such.

/Silkdawn - CEO of New Dawn

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Any help your organisation needs from an industry point of view just ask. Joke and I'm sure other corps in the game are happy to help.

Good luck!

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Thanks and of late Rag Tags channel been sorta empty. Could give it another bump in here and I will announce it more often ingame aswell.

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Closing Rag Tags!

Unless someone wanna pick it up its gonna be gone 2015.

Theres been a bit of help thru out the time Ive run it, but Im not really sure how much help it actually have done. Seems minor to abusal at least.

Good idea, but it doesnt seem to help as much as I wanted to.