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Being frustrated on walking the Nia? Want to just get there faster? Have no corp or corp not used to set up teleport chains? Nian Telelines is here to serve your travelling needs.

We will deploy teleport beacons for you to use instantly. No spoolup waiting and no walking - you can just zap to your destinatinon as fast as your molecular structure can hold - in as low time as 4 minutes even!

Custom ordered trips will need to be booked 1 hour in advance to me when I am online. Standard departures are always on the hour on the dot. Alpha2 to Alpha2 custom ordered a ticket costs 50 000 NIC.

You might also catch a test flight where ticket prices have been 20 000 NIC and lowering.

Nian Telelines will also arrange teles to beta and gamma, one way and round trip. Contact if you are interested.

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The removal of sparks has incited Nian telelines to resume ports with a free celebratory campaign. Come experience the speed with us!