Topic: BUG: Defense Turret Booster Nodes / Missile turrets

1. Missile turrets have a bugged range.

they should not be able to shoot further then 1400m, given all the informations availiable to me.
in reality, they always shoot as far as they can lock minus ~50m (2D vs. 3D range).

This means, a max boosted laser turret locks at 2140m - and reaches ~1300m with its attack
compared to that, max boosted missile turret locks at 2140m and reaches 2100m with its attack.

2. Booster nodes "Cycle time" bonus

just from the name, its supposed to reduce the cycletime of turrets significantly (35%), but it does not
instead it reduces the time between the two modules beeing fired, keeping the DPS the same, but increasing the Burst damage.

This means, a max boosted laser turret would not fire 1 laser every 5 seconds, but  two beams with a 2s : 8s timing
Missile turrets change from shooting one missile every 7.5 seconds, to alphastriking 2 missile every 15 seconds.
(sidenote: scan of a turret weapon shows half of the actually used cycletime - why?)

3. Booster nodes "Resistance" bonus on T3 Turrets

the info says +150 points for each damage type
the (T3) turrets info says unboosted 300 + 120 points for each resist (i have no clue why each resist is listed twice)
the (T3) turrets info says boosted 300 + 720 points for each resist

this is only related to Turrets - other buildings do not have those double resists anyway.

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Re: BUG: Defense Turret Booster Nodes / Missile turrets

1. I think this has been fixed already, but just to state how it's currently with an example:

T3 laser + 3*T3 booster =
Locking range: 2197m (1000*1.3^3)
Optimal range: 1369m (900*1.15^3)
Falloff: 300m (not affected by boosters)

This will change with tomorrow's patch because we have reduced the provided locking range boost, since it was unnecessarily large, so in the example it will become 1000*1.175^3=1622m

2. As it turns out the cycle time booster did not work at all, this will be fixed in tomorrow's patch too. What you were taking as the reduction between the two shots was probably a little randomness that's introduced by the "ticks" the server is using to control the turrets' modules.

3. The doubled resistance values were a bug, fix tomorrow.