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So there I am, newbie player freshly after training ground logged for the 2nd time in to the game and noticed that the grey bar was loading very slowly and on the following screens in seemed to go even slower and it took me about 5 minutes to enter to the main menu after I got in I have done 2 missions and was happily chatting in Help channel but then I was brutally forced to stop playing this game as my girlfriend woke up and started shouting at me ( game actually stopped responding for the X-time today) so there I am writing this stuff down knowing that there is not much that can be done to solve these issues and that's just after few hours of game play, was that an mistake to actually buy this game and maybe I should return it?

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Based on what you write it sounds like something is hogging your bandwidth, which makes data transfer between the client and the server slow. Not sure what we can do about the girlfriend though.

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If she starts shouting at you for no reason you should probably consider finding a new girlfriend.

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Few days of game play on. Game has not crashed since then and loads quickly in the mornings but in the evenings it's still taking about 10 minutes to load grey bars. It's 22:00 UK time, dunno if that's making any difference but I just can't find what's causing it to load so slowly.

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What type of internet connection are you using? Sounds like someone is hogging your bandwidth or you are on a cellphone based connection (whatever it's called, too lazy to google). I had that problem in the evening, when using the cellphone based on, wasn't even able to connect to the network lol.

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Agreed, sounds like a bandwidth issue.

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I would understand if that was happening all the time then yes I would take it to my ISP but since it loads normally in the mornings or just after midnight (UK Time) then I have no idea what else can I do or what can I tell to my ISP without sounding like and idiot ;o

(Me)- Hi, my game loads slowly in the evenings, please sort it out
(Virgin media technical support)- Please click Start (left hand corner) then please click on Internet Explorer
- I'm sorry but I don't use IE due to security concerns
- What browser do you use then?
- I'm using Chrome or Firefox
- Please start Chrome
- Ok but how will that help me?
- Oh it's just something we always want to check
- Which is?
- Please go on speedtest website
- Dude I just told you that my game is loading slowly, what the @*$! do you want me to do speed test for?...
Clear the mess on your end and I'll do the same on my end hoping it will do the trick.

So that's what I can expect from my ISP and I had nearly the same conversation with them regarding latency issues which they could only resolve by telling me to change settings in router and they cleaned on their end as well.
When I had fibre optic broadband without phone line it was running perfect but since I moved to different city I'm on broadband through phone line and it's bad imo. slow, with issues and costly.

I have sent TICKET TO SUPPORT OVER 2 WEEKS AGO but I'm yet to receive any response. I guess it's just lucky me with crap broadband and my ticket getting lost in the post.
If I can't rely on support then who can I rely on? in game chat or perhaps forum (which seems to be a ghost town) ?

If anyone knows any magic trick to resolve my issue I would be glad.


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Tracing ''...
1. - 0 ms - 11013
2. - 0 ms - 11010
3. - 33 ms - 11013
4. - 30 ms - 11013
5. - 136 ms - 11013
6. - 113 ms - 11013
7. - 99 ms - 11013
8. - 89 ms - 11013
9. - 1072 ms - 11013
10. - 968 ms - 11013
11. - 141 ms - 11013
12. - 124 ms - 11013
13. - 1253 ms - 11013
14. - 280 ms - 11013
15. - 1175 ms - 11013
16. - 238 ms - 11013
17. - 240 ms - 11013
18. - 1011 ms - 11013
19. - 171 ms - 0
Statistics sent.

*** All done!.

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