Re: My experience in Perp

Yeah this game needs some serious PVE love.  The pvp has been great, when it occurs, which is rare beyond silly gate/docking games and the occasional chase one guy down event.

In hindsight I wish the devs didn't waste two years coding a tutorial that most wont touch after day one, and most just want to leave it early.

I feel gamma might be a second wasted opportunity.  I feel the new version (if there isn't some magic bullet up their sleeves we don't know about at least) is going to be so restrictive as to remove the allure of terraforming as a creative outlet...and the rewards for putting down a decent base non-existent.  I fear the old gamma that got out of control would have done a better job at this point.

In the absence of the tutorial and the gamma overhaul, we could have instead gotten some better pve mechanics, new bot lines and factions, and had something for 90% of the players time in game which is spent on pve.

Im not saying abandon what we currently have as pve...I LIKE mining as something to do while I do other ***, I like that there is a mission grind, give us something more for it instanced PVE bases and trophies for killing players like player housing...or some kind of competitive pve thing that will give upstart corps something to achieve before attempting to make a name for themselves in pvp.

I dunno, I don't have the answers, I just know that its either pvp or boredom...and most people don't like pvp where they don't win all the time, which is why most games give the spoiled brats a trophy just for showing up...which I don't want in this game.

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