Topic: Hauling Service - Put Those Courier Runs Up!

I enjoy making money by hauling, and all the hauling contracts I'm able to do are FROM the same terminal and TO the same terminal, and they're not going to be around long as I enjoy doing them in my Sequer.  This means a lot of empty runs back to the originating station on a different island, and they're going to dry up relatively soon.

So - people - help a new guy out and make more courier contracts I can run!  Currently any Alpha to any Alpha, and I'm willing to go to PHM and friends Beta islands as well. 

I don't want to hear any complaining about PHM and friends, or about STC and Joke, or any other organization.  This is simply intended to be a politics and drama free service that will benefit all involved.

Current load capacity is 80 U, and I only have about 1.2 million NIC for collateral.

Hope to see more loads posted!  I'd rather haul goods for a real person than to haul goods for some NPC that has no effect on the game.